And it begins…

“I am Sar-Mal hal Relamanir, the jewel of Dragonkin. I am a Great Horned Dragon, the most powerful, strong, graceful, and beautiful of the dragon races. I will smite anyone who opposes me or one of my friends or followers, stand in my way on your own peril.”, Sar-Mal breathes out some smoke to accentuate his point. He continues, as he paces back and forth, his tail whipping angrily back and forth, “All of dragonkin has been slighted by Gabriel Bates, dragon killer, and he will feel my wrath. I will slay him and his cohorts and I will feast on his entrails. This blood mage, demon summoner and necromancer deserves nothing but death, he has ravaged villages and towns and enslaved and sacrificed the citizens for his vile experiments. I will bring him his well deserved death”.

Sar-Mal pauses for effect as he lets his gaze sweep across the collected members of the small mercenary unit known as “Blackstone Juggernauts”. His pacing back and forth leaves claw marks in the mega damage reinforced floor.

“I pay well, and expect results, and I believe you also have a vested interest in Gabriel and his downfall.”, Sar-Mal, opens his left front-claws and countless gems drops from it to the floor, where they bounce and spread out. “So, Blackstones, I ask of you, are you friends with dragonkin or my enemy?”

Sar-Mal BHM

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